Feb 12, 2009

Year in Review: Java development in 2009

We won't see a new Java SE platform release in 2009, but stop your grumbling: the Java ecosystem is still evolving in interesting new directions. Andrew Glover welcomes in the new year with a look at the forces most likely to shape change, challenge the status quo, and redefine Java technology in the year ahead.

Prediction is the art of making an educated guess about what the future may hold. When it comes to a technology like the Java platform, the "educated" aspect comes from studying the past and identifying the patterns that run deeper than mere fad. So far, JavaWorld's Year in Review series has looked closely at events and trends that defined Java in 2008 -- the language, the platform, and supporting tools. In this last article in the series I'll look forward, to what we can expect from Java technology, and the Java industry, in 2009.

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