Jul 13, 2009

Fujifilm soon to release a 3D digital camera

Fujifilm is taking digital photography to the next level with the promise of a 3D digital camera model. The FinePix Real 3D System, set to ship in September, will come equipped with two lenses, "spaced about the same distance apart as human eyes, which allow for the taking of simultaneous photos of the same scene from different angles.” But being the first in a potential long line of 3D cameras, it will not be cheap as it comes with a price tag of $600.

More importantly, it’s going to be viewing the 3D photos that will be the real trick. Fujifilm is proposing a number of options, including a 3D digital picture frame with an eight-inch LCD screen as well as 3D prints that will be around $5 a pop. Naturally, Fujifilm will be opening their own 3D picture printing service.

Are you interested in buying a 3D camera?

[Photo via Time]

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